Electric vehicles are the hype in transportation in the last ten years. Not only cars but also trucks, drones, planes are invented to replace the old-fashioned petrol vehicles. Of course, the boom among the auto industry is what shocks many as we’ve seen amazing electric models available now. This infographic describes 8 reasons why the electric vehicles (EVs) are the future of transportation.

First, sales forecasts predict electric vehicles will make up 35% of new car sales by 2040. Then, the number of charging stations will rise gradually in the next decades supported by the increase of available Tesla Supercharger stations.

Next, the EV lifetime cost effectiveness is outstanding and beats the competitors in terms of fuel costs and gasoline consumption. Read the rest of the reasons in the infographic below to find out more about the advantages of ultra low emission zones, battery technology, growing the industrial use of EVs and battery swapping regarding the employment of EVs on a massive scale in future.


Source: https://www.autoloansolutions.ca/electric-vehicles-are-the-future/

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