Since Diabetes result in reduced blood flow in your feet, it can lead to numbness, which means you might not feel the blister or other problems. This can result in you losing your toe, foot, or even your entire leg. The following infographic explores the diabetic footcare matters.

Keep maintaining your blood sugar levels on a regular basis. This is an obvious one, and it’s one you are probably already doing.
Pick one time per day to dedicate to checking your feet so that you don’t forget. Check your feet for things like swelling, toenail problems, sores, cuts and discolored spots.

What is more, trim your toenails regularly. Cut them straight across and ask your doctor for help if your nails are yellowed and thick, or if they grow into your skin.


Source: http://missionviejofootandanklesurgeon.com/infographics/diabetic-footcare/

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