The most popular flower that we know today can be used in some different settings, and makes the ideal present at various occasions. Apart from being pretty to look at, fragrant roses also come with a host of different uses, which include medicinal and cosmetic treatment, perfumery, and are even used to create therapeutic teas. They hold immense relevance in different religions and are revered for their symbolism of love and passion. This informative infographic by D’Petals puts forth interesting info about this highly-cherished flower. Adored and valued by people around the world, the fragrant rose is also one of the most primitive plant fossils known to humanity.

Related to some popular fruits, rose bushes also bear fruits, which in turn are crushed and converted to rosehip and rose oil, which are abundant in beneficial vitamins. There are more than 100 species of roses prevalent the world over, and these can be further categorized according to their different colors, some petals, and other varying characteristics. A comprehensive selection of colors, which includes everything from ivory to yellow, pink, and maroon is available for gifting purposes and are used to convey subtly your emotional message to the recipient.


Source: http://www.dpetals.com/blog/21-fun-facts-the-rose/

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