This infographic goes car accident deaths in the state of Utah. It talks about the leading causes and contributing factors. The Infographic was produced by Christensen & Hymas – Utah’s Car Accident Lawyers. Their intention behind the creation of the infographic is to educate Utah’s citizens about the reality and dangers of unsafe driving.

The infographic provides accurate date regarding the 2015 Utah fatal crash synopsis. It is reported that multiple factors could have contributed to a fatal accident and that is why the percentages added together are greater than 100%. What is more, it is estimated that after seeing record lows in 2012 and 2013, deaths increased 25% from 2013. Nearly half of distracted driver crashes were rear-end collisions. In comparison, 28.9% of all crashes were read-end collisions. Read the full infographic to learn more about Utah Car Accident Deaths.


Source: https://christensenhymas.com/car-accidents/

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