This year Rolls-Royce celebrate its 110th year in existence. This famous luxury car brand was born when Henry Royce was introduced to Charles Rolls. This infographic represents visually the history of one of the greatest car brands ever – Rolls-Royce.

The infographic also includes some Rolls-Royce facts that might blow your mind. For example, Vladimir Lenin owned nine Rolls-Royces during his Soviet leadership. It is estimated that in total over 6,000 Silver Ghosts were produced between 1906 and 1925. One very interesting fact is that there are no known photographs of Rolls and Royce together!

As for the manufacturing of the cars, Rolls-Royce opened a U.S. factory in Springfield, Massachusetts, in 1921, but closed in 10 years later. Though Rolls-Royce is most identified with classic luxury automobiles, aircraft engines have been the company’s main business since the late 1920s.

Nowadays, Rolls-Royce cars are the mark of luxury and wealth. Some of the most popular owners of Rolls-Royce cars are showcased in the infographic below.



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