It’s undeniable that Pinball has indeed played a vital role in the classic gaming history. Who can forget the sound it makes whenever the ball hits an obstacle or the flashing lights whenever you score?

Indeed pinball machines remain relevant in today’s digitally-controlled world as many of us have enjoyed the age-old classic during our younger years. Although not as popular as it used to before, the nostalgia of seeing the steel ball bounce off from the flippers to every complex corner of the machine and the anxious yet exciting feeling we get as we try to avoid the ball from falling off the hole. Missing the pinball fun? Or want to travel back through time?

You’re in luck as Pinball Australia, a distributor of Jersey Jack Pinball Machine for Sale in Australia, takes your back memory lane with this infographic about the Top 25 Pinball Machines Ever Made. Unleash the inner pinball enthusiast with you and see some of the world’s greatest and rarest pinball machine collectibles.



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