The following law infographic provides a general overview of Minnesota’s expungement law. Minnesota’s expungement law provides new opportunities for people to seal criminal records. Sometimes it is called new „Second Chance Law” – the ability to successfully seal a criminal record and get a fresh start is now possible.

What counts as a record? According to the infographic, if a person is charged with a theft, pleads guilty by a judge, that person now has a criminal record. However, records may also include pubic information. Whenever a record is created by an arrest, a charge, or a conviction, certain agencies will keep that information.
Expungement does not destroy the record. An expungement is a court-ordered sealing of a criminal record. An expunged or sealed record may be reopened under certain circumstances. There are seven main categories of expungement that you can read in the infographic below.


Source: http://www.keyserdefense.com/blog/entry/minnesotas-expungement-law-explained-a-visual-guide

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