The infographic reveals the top 10 Health benefits of Rooibos Tea and more interesting facts about this drink. The natural tea that is really a herb, but tastes great and has no side effects. It is so popular and well-known that is used from South Africa to all over the world. However, only grows naturally in South Africa.

You can drink rooibos tea hot, cold or as red espresso. Fall in love with this healthy herb, better known as a tea, and also as redbush, African red tea, and long life tea.

Rooibos is a pure and natural product. It does not contain any colorants, preservatives or additives. Honey is used as a sweetener in rooibos tea by many South Africans. They all agree that healthy honey and rooibos tea is the ultimate hot health drink.

Other health benefits of rooibos tea include comprising low amounts of tannin and being caffeine free as well as replaces sodium.



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