Over the past decades the way people experience music has changed significantly. This generation has seen the evolution of music mediums from cassette tapes to CDs and MP3 players. Nowadays, many of the music fans use streaming services such as Spotify and own digital copies of many songs. The following infographic shows some trivia about where music currently is today. Amazingly, in 2014, the music industry derived the same revenue from digital channels and physical format sales.

Consequently, with our dynamic lifestyle the places we listen to music change as well. According to the infographic, about 25% of music fans listen to music at home.

As for the answer to the question how people listen to music, only 6% of respondents now tend to use CDs. Almost the same percentage admit they use iTunes on a regular basis.

Since the boom of online streaming in the last years, what is the reason for that trend? Read the full infographic below and share your opinion in the comments below.


Source: https://www.instavisits.com/blog/music-today-facts-figures-music-digital-age/

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