The time for Whitetail Rut Hunting is near. Bucks will look for Does coming into estrus. They will be restlessly traveling, always on the lookout for those Does.

Bucks are even more territorial during the rut as usual. You can use 5 tactics to make the most out of this rut hunting season.

1.) Find The Does.
Well, the buck goes where the does are at.
2.) Hunt Bed To Feed Corridors.
The bucks will follow the Does on their way from food plots to bedding areas. Make sure you know those travel corridors.
3.) Hunt All Day.
During the rut, bucks won’t do much bedding on middays. Don´t give up on your morning hunt too early.
4.) Rattle Up A Buck.
They want to show off their dominance. A good rattle will make a buck curious about what’s going on.
5.) Fool A Buck´s Nose.
Use estrous urine products to pull bucks closer to your position.


Source: https://bowaddicted.com/5-tactics-for-rut-hunting-success/

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