What happens to the $4.8 trillion dollars proposed by the 2020 Federal Budget? This active infographic illustrates the stream of federal funds from Congress down into 10 key sectors. These funds are needed to ensure those sectors function properly. Taxpayer dollars will be provided for both public programs and private companies.

The private companies will be expected to procure and provide the required goods and services paid for by the Government. The massive amount of funding involved exposes these sectors to government fraud and abuse. Some unscrupulous companies will defraud the government. Knowing where to look for fraud is what makes this infographic so useful. Data driven research breaks down how much each sector will receive in Federal funding. Sectors like Healthcare will receive a huge portion of the funds.

This sector only will receive $1.8 trillion dollars, the most for any other sector. Fraud, waste and abuse in this sector is also the most common amount government spending. Beyond healthcare another $3 trillion dollars will be distributed to sectors like defense, transportation, education, land management, justice system and more.

Keep the public informed about where taxpayer funds are being used with this research driven Government spending infographic.


Source: https://www.lawsuitlegal.com/government-money-public-private.php

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