The following infographic focuses on car insurance for women. You can read some striking facts and data related to gender segregation of road accidents in the UK, why women are called safer drivers and much more.

According to the infographic, almost 1/3 of all reported road accidents in the UK include women drivers. Based on that women are considered to drive safer than men. It is estimated that women are 3 times less likely to be killed in a car accident due to negligent driving.

When it comes to analysis of women drivers by age, it is estimated that women aged 30-39 tend to be the safest drivers. As for the insurance premiums the young and inexperienced female drivers pay the most. The infographic explains the influence of age and safety in car insurance premiums in depth.

As you might know, there are 3 main types of car insurances – third party car insurance, third party fire and theft insurance and fully comprehensive car insurance.



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