Whether you are new to vaping or a seasoned veteran, our top 7 countdown provides a quick refresher for battery safety, tank maintenance, maximizing your favorite E Juice’s flavor potential and much, much more! Dive into these hottest vaping tips.

Unnecessary heat risk

With summer in full swing remember DO NOT leave your mods or your spare batteries inside your car unattended, The excessive heat can result in battery failure, fire, or worse.

Pocket Battery Safety

Always use a case to carry or store Batteries that aren’t in use.

Keys, change, or any metal objects can possibly cause the battery to short circuit and fail. Please vape safely!

Drink Plenty of Water!

Sometimes people that are new to vaping forget that you can get dehydrated. Drinking plenty of water will prevent this!

Battery Amperage

Make sure your batteries can handle your current resistance! When switching to a sub ohm tank, first make sure your device can fire it safely. For example: You have a 200W capable device, and a tank that’s rated for best use at 150W. Just because your mod can handle the 150W rating doesn’t necessarily mean your batteries can. They might not have the correct amperage to safely deliver power to a low resistance coil. Be sure to check the specs first to save yourself a headache later.

Max VG E-Juice

Max VG E-Juice can have a hard time wicking in some RTAs and tanks. A drop or 2 of distilled water can help remedy this.

Vapers Tongue

If your favorite E-Juice seems to be losing its flavor, it might be the dreaded “Vaper’s tongue,” aka olfactory fatigue. To clear your palette, try sniffing (not inhaling) coffee beans. Staying hydrated and rotating different flavors frequently will help prevent this.

Married Batteries

When using a device that requires more than one battery, always use new “married” sets of batteries to reduce the risk of battery failure.



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