Freezing food can be a very useful meal planning strategy, but not everyone knows how to do it properly. For example, many people freeze produce only when they see it has started to go bad. Instead of throwing it away, they put it in the freezer thinking that’s the right way to save it from going to waste. What they don’t realize is that vegetables and fruits should be frozen fresh, at the peak of their ripeness. Otherwise they will lose their nutrients, vitamins and good taste when defrosted.

The following infographic is a guide to freezing food properly. It shows how long each type of food can be stored in the freezer, if handled properly. That means that the food should be: packaged and frozen at the peak of its ripeness packaged in tight packaging where no air can get into contact with food labeled with proper freezer labels
The last item is especially important because, unless we know the date we froze the food, we won’t be able to know how long it is safe to keep it in the freezer.
Provided we’ve taken all the necessary steps to package the food properly, the Frozen Food Recommended Storage Times infographic will prove to be invaluable in planning when to use meals stored in the freezer.



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