Myths are myths and may be countered by appropriate facts as not all myths are factual. The myths about HCG diet are also based on wrong beliefs. Some of these myths consider HCG as useless and in-effective, while others consider this weight loss diet harmful. The fact is different as HCG diet is being used from about 50 years and have always given satisfactory results.

This diet is based on naturally found hormone in pregnant women and the diet protocol includes pure and natural foods that would do only good to the consumers. Popular HCG diet is all about avoiding unhealthy and junk, which would lead you to better health.

Hence, there is no point considering this diet harmful. The effectiveness of this diet is proven over and over again. It is adopted by many from 50 years with positive results in terms of safe, energetic and healthy weight loss.


Source: https://www.hcgdropsshop.com/hcg-weight-loss-diet-myths-busted-know-your-facts

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