Life can be hectic. With all that you have on your plate, sometimes a little pick me up is needed. A healthy way to get extra energy to tackle your day is by incorporating these 5 herbs for energy and focus into your diet. This awesome herbs related infographic depicts the 5 best herbs for energy and provides comprehensive information about their benefits. The herbs for energy boost that are included in the infographic below are Siberian Ginseng (Eleutherococcus), Chinese Ginseng (Panax Ginseng), Indian Ginseng (Ashwagandha), Maca Root (Lepidium meyenii) and Gingko Leaf (Ginkgo Biloba).
Siberian Ginseng aka Eleutherococcus is originally from Korean peninsula and Southwestern Siberia. Siberian Ginseng can now also be found in the forests of Washington, Oregon and British Columbia. It may help with normalizing high and low blood pressure and increasing mental alertness. These are just few from the Siberian Ginseng benefits.
Chinese Ginseng is said to be the most powerful of all the types of Ginseng. The list of possible Chinese Ginseng benetfits includes ability to reduce fatigue as long as accelerate metabolism.
Feel free to comment the infographic and share with us do you use any herbs such as herbs for herbs for anxiety, herbs for weight loss, herbs for depression, herbs for high blood pressure, etc.





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