Using video internally creates stronger bonds between employees and company culture, providing opportunities to educate, inform and solicit feedback on important topics. Video can be a cost-effective way of making people and places accessible and getting messages to the masses.

Use video internally to share consistent, controlled messages. Be creative. Be entertaining. Appeal to emotions by showing REAL people at work and play!
Here are 16 ways you can build video into your strategy. This infographic shows 16 creative ways to you video in internal comms. According to the infographic, the business video platform people share sixteen ways in which their clients are getting creative with internal video. Among the ideas illustrated in the infographic below are using video to introduce new employees to colleagues, to make a training video, to make a company video backstory, etc.


Source: http://www.alivewithideas.com/blog/infographic-16-ways-video-in-internal-comms

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