Burglary is a big threat that can result in loss or damage of valuable property, and in worst cases, even injury or loss of life. It can be a traumatic experience. Therefore, understanding the nature of the crime and taking preventive measures can help you protect your family and home from burglary.

Here are some great ideas that actually work in preventing entry to burglars and intruders:

• Make sure there are no thick shrubs around doors and windows. Keep them trimmed to deprive intruders easy hiding covers.

• Evaluate lightings in your street as well as all around your property to eradicate any dark spaces.

• Install strong security doors made of aluminum or steel. Get old or broken doors repaired immediately.

• Don’t hesitate to invest in security alarms, CCTV cameras, deadlocks, security screens and other arrangements.

• Broken or non-functional locks may cost you heavy. Get them replaced without any waste of time.

• It is also a great idea to have pet dogs as they are among the greatest threats to burglars.

Start with these steps from today itself to relax about home security.



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