We all know how important it is to maintain a healthy diet. But cutting down on the junk food and increasing your intake of vitamins and minerals affects more than just your waistline; it can renew and replenish your skin.

While no food can completely change your complexion by itself, eating right improves your skin just as it improves the rest of your body. So next time you are nourishing your body, do not forget about your largest organ. Your skin spends all day protecting you, isn’t it time you protected it?

The following infographic provides useful tips related to your skin and food for the nourishment of it. Individuals with faier skin are more likely to see problems such as skin cancer and rosacea. So, before starting any skin care regimen, determine your skin tone.


Source: http://www.locateadoc.com/article/nourishment-for-your-skin-infographic

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