The often called purple coneflowers, or Echinacea Purpurea, relates to the Asteraceae family. In the past centuries, people used it as a natural remedy for many ailments. However, these days is commonly utilized as an herbal immunostimulant as well as treatment for flu symptoms. The following infographic showcases useful facts about the history and key actions of Echinacea as well as its traditional uses.

At first, in 18th-century German botanist, named the medical herb plant Echinacea but it was ignored by doctors. Furthermore, despite initial doubts, the herb was again introduced in 1887 into Materia Medica.

As for the key actions of Echinacea, among them are wound healer, collagen protectant and lymphatic tonic.
What is more, the infographic describes the chemical composition of Echinacea and the use of Echinacea in livestock. Besides, the toxicity of Echinacea appears to be very low.

Check out the full infographic below.


Source: http://www.buyextracts.com/content/the-potential-feeds-of-echinacea-in-livestock

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