This great infographic provides 15 Highly Actionable eCommerce SEO Tips by Prosperity Media that will improve your website SEO and Google ranking.

First, use Schema Markup – Rating Stars & Pricing Mark up. All eCommerce websites should be using schema markup such as product, rating and pricing markup as a bare minimum to increase potential CTR from search.

Next, find and fix broken links and 404 pages using Screaming frog. Aim to fix 404 pages and broken links where possible. The infographic also recommends finding your lowest performing 10% pages and fixing them up with new content and grouping the products in the correct categories.

More and more consumers are accessing the Internet via their mobile gadgets so ensure your website is mobile responsive and loading quickly. Running your website through an SSL connection is highly advisable as nowadays is considered as a great advantage. Read the full infographic to learn more tweaks how to optimise your eCommerce website.



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