Balancing both work and family is a very difficult task. In nearly 50% of two-parent households, both parents work full-time. 56% of working parents find balancing work and family difficult. What can be done to ensure you balance work and family to the best of your ability? Check out this infographic for some tips! It’s so important to stay organized.

In nearly half of two-parent families, both mom and dad work full time. How can parents manage everything and still ensure they spend enough time with the kids?

Routines are not only beneficial to adults but also to children. Explain the schedule to your children and try to help them understand what’s expected of them.

At least one parent should try waking up 15-30 minutes before everyone else to get a good head start on things.

After a long day at work it can be difficult, but try not to spend the night on your phone or laptop and give the children as much attention as you can.


Source: https://www.easylifecover.ie/mortgage-protection/

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