Check out this infographic to see which animal you’re most like when you diet.

WHAT’S YOUR WEIGHT LOSS SPIRIT ANIMAL? Which best describes your dieting style? ALL IN: It’s all or nothing, baby Are you a picky eater? BABY STEPS: I prefer making small changes, one at a time NO What does your day look like when it comes to food?

BIG MEALS: I like three square a day, with little to no snacking GRAZER: I tend to snack on little things throughout the day ZEN MASTER: Call me calm, cool and collected THROUGH THE ROOF: I’m playful, energetic and ready to get out there!

MUST CONTAIN WATER Describe your energy level: LAND HO! SOLO SWEAT: I’m more focused and determined on my own you are: THE JAGUAR you are: THE WOLF you are: THE SEA TURTLE you are: THE DOLPHIN you are: THE KOALA BUDDY UP OR BUST! I need the motivation and accountability that comes from working out with friends What’s your ideal vacay locale? How do you prefer to exercise?


Source: https://leaf.nutrisystem.com/whats-your-weight-loss-spirit-animal/

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