Cardiologists specialize in treating heart disease and ailments. As cardiac problems can be fatal, much of their success comes from their quick and accurate diagnosis. “Time is tissue” with heart attacks. The longer it takes to start treatment, the more brain tissue the patient risks damaging.

With GD, cardiologists have instant and continual access to all patient, diagnostic and treatment data right from their mobile device – starting from first contact, through patient handoff, the ED and on to the cardiologist. This data (prehospital and hospital communications, ECGs, vitals, etc.) give the heart specialist all of the intelligence he/she needs to make the quickest and most accurate diagnosis, so treatment can begin as quickly as possible.

Additional Benefits
• Centrally collect and store 12-lead ECGs from any system
• Restrict access to your 12-lead ECGs to protect patient information
• Streamline, document and time-stamp all pre-hospital and hospital patient data and communications.
• Reduce door-to-door treatment times
• Reduce false lab activations by an average of 20%
• Improve the quality of your processes and workflows
• Measure performance, identify operational gaps and successfully implement improvements



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