How do you start to improve your child’s handwriting? It’s hard to know where to start and yet we know it’s an important skill which, without proper foundations, can impact your child throughout their life. That’s why Uni-ball have created this handy handwriting infographic to help you to help your child!

It is important to get the basics right in order to encourage good and proper handwriting. Sitting at a table and chair, rather than the floor will ensure that the correct writing position and posture is encouraged. This will in turn make handwriting more comfortable and easier as there is less strain and more stability. It is also important in the initial stages of handwriting improvement to use the correct, lined, school-style paper. This will ensure that letters are formed are the correct size and in proportion to one another.

Grip is another area to work on during handwriting improvement. A good grip will make handwriting a lot easier. If your child struggles with handwriting, addressing an incorrect grip on the pen or pencil is a good place to start.

Finally, it is good practice to get your child to slow down their writing. Slower writing will not only yield less mistakes but it will also help your child to improve their handwriting by giving them more control over where they stop and start their letters.

Whilst improving their handwriting may be the end goal, it is important to remember to make writing fun for your child. Even things such as drawing, or tracing letters will contribute to making andwriting better as they improve fine motor skills.


Source: https://uniball.co.uk/5-top-tips-improve-childs-handwriting/

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