Internet of Things” – A buzzword and the next evolution of computing. You are sure to have heard this word before.

But what about “Industrial Internet of things?” There are chances that you might not have heard this word before.

So, for those who are unaware, Industrial Internet of Things is revolutionizing the nuances of industries and the ways in which they use machines and network systems enable automation. General Electric, one of the most renowned digital industrial companies, coined the term “Industrial Internet of Things”.

The word then gained acceptance and was given many synonyms including “Industry 4.0”, “Factory of the future”, Fourth Industrial Revolution” etc. Once IIoT Services are introduced in industries, it can help machines and workforce to come together and accomplish tasks that were difficult to achieve before. It has the potential to render operational and financial benefits to an array of industries including Oil and gas, power, manufacturing and aviation industries.

Imagine machine to machine communication, cyber security, big data analytics and HMI coming together! Wouldn’t it take the productivity to a whole new level altogether?

For the newly fangled entrepreneurs who are unaware of the ways in which Internet of Things can make a difference, this infographic would be of great help.




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