Despite being the time of the year when people think more of beach, sea and cocktails, there some interesting facts for radiators you should know. The following infographic shows numerous facts about radiators and central heating in UK homes. Most homes in the UK use some type of central heating – up to 95% at the latest estimate.

When it comes to the history of radiators, the Romans had the world’s first underground heating. It might be no surprise for you that the Romans use the hypocaust system as a central heating around 100BC.

The modern radiator was invented in the 1850s and it was patented by Franz San-Gilli even though many inventors worked on that technology too. However, the real term should be „convectors” as it is explained why in the infographic below.

As far as the UK is concerned, it is estimated that the average London building has an internal temperature of 22°C that is 4°C above the optimal temperature.



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