Happiness leads to success rather than success leading to happiness. This is undeniably true in pretty much every part of our lives—from marriage, friendship, health, creativity, and of course, with work.

Since happiness is considered a motivator, it is definitely easier to do something when you’re happy with it. In the workplace, if an employee feels fulfilled with his/her job, and perceives his workplace culture as a place for work and play, then he would do everything to be praised for a job well done.

An employee’s satisfaction in the workplace can definitely go a long way, not just for harmonious and close ties between employees, but also for achieving company goals and objectives.

It’s actually easy to see if your employees enjoy working for your company. Employee engagement isn’t just about how employees perform in the workplace. It’s more on how employees are engaged with work, and how it affects their personal lives as a whole.

In a recent study, researchers followed almost 300 employees, and found that those who were happier at the beginning of the study ended up receiving better evaluations and higher pay by the end. This can be something that can motivate employee satisfaction in the workplace, which can eventually lead to a more positive approach towards work.

As they say, employees are the most valuable assets in an organization. So, if no one’s working to achieve the company’s goals and objectives, success can never be achieved in any way. Thus, ensuring the satisfaction of employees in the workplace should be an organization’s top priority.

Let’s face it. When people are happy at work, they tend to produce more, they become better leaders, and receive better performance ratings. Surprisingly, employees prefer workplace well-being than material benefits. No amount of salary appraisals, team buildings, or benefits can replace an employee’s satisfaction in the company.

As leaders, you must take all these into consdiration to not lose your company’s bullets to an unending war in the business.


Source: https://guthriejensen.com/blog/warning-signs-unhappy-employees-infographic/

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