It is believed that tap water carries many toxic chemicals such as arsenic, fluoride, mercury. However, many pet owners choose to ignore the danger of tap water and feed their beloved pets with sink water. This could be not only harmful to the animals, but it can ruin their quality of life. For example, fluoride is the number one primary toxin in tap water that is categorized as a poison and health sector. Over the time, fluoride could lead to bone cancer and bone deterioration in pets. The infographic below explains why is dangerous for your pets to feed the with tap water and what is the negative impact.

When comes to dogs, along with the fluoride danger, arsenic also affects their health negatively. Arsenic can cause diarrhea, organ failure and even death!

All horse lovers and owners should be aware of the bone disorder caused by fluoridation in water. What is more, digestive disturbances are possible consequences of poor water quality. Check the full infographic below.



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