A notable superhero because of his distinct lack of superpowers, Batman takes out the bad guys of Gotham using no more than his physical prowess, indomitable willpower and quite a number of high-tech, self-invented gadgets. (Take away the Batsuit, the Batmobile and the Batarang, and Batman is just … well, Bruce Wayne.)

But fighting crime in any decade isn’t cheap, even for the billionaire owner of Wayne Enterprises. Check out the infographic below and compare how much it cost to be Batman at his debut in 1939 and 2013, taking into consideration the technological advancements and inflation. For example, in 1939 residence in the Batcave cost $5,600 while in 2013 cost the unbeliavable $54,4 million.

The cost of Batman gadgets has also considerably increased. While in the 1939 Batman had only a Batmobile, in 2013 Batman had the opportunity to choose between the Batmobile and the Batplane and Batcycle. The last two Batman vehicles, are modern additions to the Batman vehicles list and so their price is also considerable.


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