What stress does to your body? Bursts of stress are important because they keep you alive and out of danger. But long-term stress does the opposite, and could send you to an early grave. This infographic shows the harmful effects for your body. A burst of stress gives you the blues, shrinks your brain and triggers unhealthy vices. Moreover, it is bad for your ticker and weakens your immune system.

The three biggest causes of stress illustrated in the infographic are finances, family and work. For example, $10 billion per year is lost in Australia due to increased absenteeism and lost productivity. Fortunately, the infographic provides hacks to help you unwind. In order to reduce the stress it is a good idea to pop a plant on your desk. Furthermore, naps are like a reset button for you brain so you should sleep more. For more useful tips how to reduce stress read the full infographic below.



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