There is a rising problem of pornography addiction in teens. By viewing sexually pornographic material, teens are susceptible to countless psychological, emotional, and physiological disorders and issues. This infographic is designed to help you better understand the chemical effects that pornography has on teenagers, in order to educate and start communication with your teen about viewing the sexually explicit material.

Brain scans have also found the teenage brain is dominated by areas associated with pleasure and reward, and emotional response, perhaps explaining the emotional roller-coaster years associated with puberty.

The infographic also reveals the common warning signs that an adolescent may be experiencing compulsive sexual behaviour problems. The list includes diminished interest in and/or ability to socialize with peers along with decreased interest in and/or declining performance in school and extracurricular activities.


Source: http://helpyourteennow.com/how-pornography-addiction-affects-the-teenage-brain-infographic/

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