In the different cultures across the world, many factors influence the home interior design. Besides the color scheme and level of clutter, the most important role is played by the national traditions. This interior design infographic shows 13 interior design styles from around the world to inspire you. What is more, the following interior design infographic gives examples from many different countries with disparate cultures and national traditions such as Morocco, France, Japan, India, Sweden, Italy, Scotland, China and more.

Reading the interior design infographic below, you will learn more about the common colour schemes in the cited countries. For example, in Scotland scenic paintings and even antlers are sometimes displayed while in Morocco large, decorative fabrics are often hung on the walls. Furthermore, while in Japan tables and chairs are usually low to the floor, in the USA tables and chairs are common-size. In a nutshell, the following interior design infographic could give you amazing interior design ideas and interior design inspiration.


Source: http://www.volgalinen.co.uk/

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