5S is an organization strategy that can benefit any business – big or small. Although typically used in manufacturing facilities or warehouses, the systematic approach of 5S can be applied to nearly any industry. The idea of 5S is to clean and organize the workplace in a logical manner while encouraging workers to maintain their spaces, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.

This 5S infographic is designed by Creative Safety Supply to not only guide you through the phases of 5S, but to highlight the benefits of the program as well as common mistakes to avoid during implementation. The outline of the 5S framework is broken down in easy-to-understand chunks that can be shared with managers and employees alike.

This infographic explains the purpose of 5s methodology. The 5S methodology is a systematic approach to workplace organization, aimed at improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the company. It outlines the benefits of 5S and its systematic steps. Read about the five common inhibitors preventing success in terms of 5S. The infographic also provides information on how to measure 5S performance in 5 easy steps.

Read the full infographic below for the complete information regarding 5S and understand more how to employ it properly.


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