We all have seen many wine glasses shaped in different ways. Actually, some of the glasses are made specifically for a partucal type of wines depending on the types of grapes or the region they are produced. Usually, the shape of a wine glass is designed to bring out the best of the wine. To learn more about the importance of wine glasses shaping and how to choose the right one read the following useful infographic created by Wine Coolers Reviews.

The most common division is between red and white wine glasses. The principal components wine glasses are the bowl, mouth, stem and foot. So, red wine glasses have a larger bowl and shorter stem compared to white wine glasses. The reason for this is the fact that red wines need to be aerated more, and they are served at warmer temperatures. But how to use the best glass for red wine?

The variety of red wine glasses includes Cabernet Merlo, Burgundy, Zinfandel and Pinot Noir. What is more, this infographic shows the most appropriate glasses for rose wine, white wine, sparkling wine and dessert wine.


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