Did you know that more than 40 Americans die each day from prescription Opioid overdoses? These “Opioids” are sitting in your medicine cabinets right now! Most of us know them as painkillers, and these medications make it easy for teens to get a high comparable to heroin. In fact, 60% – 70% of teens say that the home medicine cabinets are one of their easiest sources of drugs.

This infographic was created to help you parents gain a better understanding of your medicine cabinets and be able to easily keep track of your teen’s behaviors. No longer will teens outsmart you with fancy street names for their drugs or how much they “think” they should be taking. Find out just how much it takes for each of these painkillers to equal that of a heroin addict.

Given below is a cheat sheet for you to stay up to date on narcotic abuse, and understand why you should educate your teen on the dangers of prescription drugs. After reading this, consider just how safe America’s cabinets are when within the reach of teens.



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