Did you know that modern yurts were once Mongolian gers? And that these gers took two hours to set up, were only six feet tall, and housed five to fifteen nomadic travelers? How did that translate into the modern yurt? Find out here in this amazing infographic.

Today’s yurts often serve as recreational rentals and eco-friendly homes. But they were originally designed as the primary dwellings of ancient nomadic tribes. Since the Bronze Age, nomadic tribes on the steppes of Central Asia have lived in round, portable homes known as yurts. The infographic explains about the yurt migration across Europe and Asia, namely Scythia, Siberia, Mongolia.

Numbers that might surprise you are also mentioned in the infographic. Four times the Mongolian nomads moved their camp each year. What is more, 2 hours amount of time required to set up or take down a yurt.


Source: http://www.yurts.com/history-of-round-homes-from-mongolian-gers-to-modern-yurts-infographic/

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