The following infographic explains how to rent a PO box in easy steps. All it takes are four simple steps to rent a PO Box.

First, choose your Post Office, it’s best to pick a location near your home or workplace that you can easily reach, you can find all the Post Office’s locations on the USPS website. Secondly, you need to pick a PO Box size, you can choose Large if you regularly get packages, small if you only get paper mail, or medium if you get both. The price of a PO Box varies according to the demand of the location and PO Box size.

Then you can head to the Post Office and fill in the USPS form 1583 with two valid photo identifications. You can also apply for a change of address at the Post Office to get your mail at your new PO Box.

However, you can get all this done online and just go to the Post Office for your keys then you’re all set!



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