The most recent update iOS 9.3 arrives with the striking brand new features and of course some minor tweaks. According to some, this will be the last version of iOS 9. The following infographic showcases some of the most exciting new features and bug fixes that come with the latest iOS version.

Among the brand new features is the Night shift mode. The users usually get irritated while operating their phones and tablets at night due to blue light on the display. With this version of iOS users can change the settings and have a comfortable interaction with their Apple device.

Another useful and expected feature is the Password protect notes feature. iOS users are now allowed to protect particular notes with a password if they feel insecure with the regular notes.

Furthermore, a Wi-Fi assistant is developed in iOS 9.3 which works as users manually need to switch over from the Wi-Fi connection to data connectivity.

Take a look at the full infographic below to learn more about the new and useful features that Apple introduced with the latest iOS 9.3.



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