No matter the how controversial are all nine PJ Harvey’s studio albums there is no doubt that each of them has its unique theme and sound. Many people tend to question how a musician nowadays could be so versatile and producing such an eclectic music. Meanwhile, the consistent credibility is another feature that describes the PJ Harvey’s albums. The secret is considered to be partly in the collaborators of PJ Harvey. The following infographic shows how each collaborator influenced the music of PJ Harvey and their contribution to the albums.

First and foremost, the infographic provides the full list of collaborators as follows: Maria Mochnacz, Rob Kirwan, Jim White, Thom Yorke, Rob Crane, Head, Eric Drew Feldman, Marius de Vries, Flood, Jean-Marc Butty, Steven Vaugnh, Steve Albini, John Parish, Mick Harvey, Rob Elis, Ian Oliver. In very smart and understandable manner the infographic explains how each of the mentioned artists contributed to the nine albums of PJ Harvey. For instance, Rob Crane collaborated with PJ Harvey for the White Chalk album as a designer. Besides, Thom Yorke contributed to only one album – Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea.

Take a look at the following infographic that graphically explores the PJ Harvey’s collaborations with numerous popular artists and learn more about their contribution.


Source: http://dkmotion.nyc/portfolio-item/oh-my-lovers-pj-harvey-infographic/

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