It has been many years since men first discovered the sweet nectar called honey and all of its potential. Like any other industry that lasts for centuries, beekeeping too has evolved with the emergence of new technologies, mostly regarding honey collecting and preservation.

Whether you are thinking of starting your bee colony or you’re just an avid honey consumer, you should be aware of the complexity that lies behind a successful beekeeping business and high-quality honey production. This infographic brings you some important facts and stats on honey production as well as the detailed info on proper honey labeling and bee colony preservation tips.

Nowadays beekeepers are divided into three categories as follows hobbyists, part-time beekeepers and commercial beekeepers. According to the infographic, United States is among top 5 honey producers in the world.

Additional claims that commonly appear on honey labels are: natural, pure, organic, raw, unfiltered and pasteurized. For more information about beekeeping and honey labeling, 101 read on the infographic below.



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