Back pain is a serious epidemic in the United States and worldwide. The American Chiropractic Association estimated that almost the half of Americans reported having back pain each and every year. That means, at least, $50 billion spent on a yearly basis for back pain treatment. What is more, these figures do not include the unreported cases. In case you are suffering from chronic back pain, this infographic will provide relief your pain.

The infographic shows tips and exercises for relieving back pain naturally. Once you have already developed back pain, you are starting to look for answers and proper back pain treatment.

On the other hand, the back pain prevention is crucial for the children and teenagers. Whether you are looking to be proactive or are looking not to re-experience back pain, ensure you sit straight with an erect back. Besides, ensure you sleep right and you are not overweight for which your back has to overcompensate.

In the same time, there are a number of simple exercises which help with back pain and can be practiced at any time.



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