It’s been almost 50 years since Sean Connery first delivered those now-legendary words on the big screen. The super suave super-spy known as 007 is celebrating a half century of fast cars, money, and martinis on October 5th. To mark the milestone, we’ve put together an infographic taking stock of all that is Bond.

According to the infographic, among the top grossing 007 films are „You only live twice”, „Live and let die” and „Thunderball” as opposed to „Dr.No” and „Octopussy” as the lowest grossing 007 films.

When it comes to the James Bond accessories, for sure the most remarkable ones are the guns, cars, and Martinis. It is estimated that in all films are fired more than 4,000 shots.

The infographic explores the weapons of choice of the Bond villains such as Le Chiffre, Dr. No, Red Grant, and Rosa Klebb. Besides, the total gross of Ian Fleming novels is reported to be $162 million.


Source: https://www.freemoviestreamingsites2016.com/10-best-free-online-movie-streaming-sites-2016-without-downloading/

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