Holding onto phones, tablets and other electronic devices is weighing down the American public. Why? At uSell we believe people hang onto used devices unnecessarily because they are unaware the devices are still worth good money.

To confirm this we surveyed 1,000 people using our exclusive Gadget Mass Index, a system that measures an individual’s propensity to store unused gadgets instead of disposing or selling them. The results clearly confirmed that 42% of all Americans suffer from EGO – Extreme Gadget Obesity.

As reflected by the infographic, uSell.com found that Americans are very prone to holding onto old devices:

– 30% have “moderate gadget weight” and keep their unused gadgets for 1-6 months;
– 10% suffer from “severe gadget weight,” and keep their gadgets for 7 months-1 year;
– 42% of smartphone users have “extreme gadget obesity” and keep unused phones for 2 years to forever;

We also discovered men and women are motivated to get rid of their devices for different reasons:

– Men who believe their devices will lose value over time are more likely to shed excess gadget weight;
– Women who want to clean out clutter are more likely to shed excess gadget weight.


Via: http://www.usell.com/blog/technology-news/42-americans-suffering-ego-extreme-gadget-obesity/

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