Studies show humans have a larger lifespan nowadays, and they are crossing the age of 70 more than ever. The number of senior citizens will enhance exponentially by the year 2030. Due to the rising senior citizen population, the question of happiness and living a comfortable life also arises. According to Arthur Hayward, MD, who is a geriatrician and lead physician, seniors can remain active by making healthy lifestyle choices. He has recommended a few healthy tips for seniors who want to age gracefully.

Many seniors smoke due to stress, anxiety, or depression which takes a toll on their health, and this poor habit should be avoided. Older adults can make diet plans, which include nutritious meals, to maintain a healthy weight. Eating fruits, vegetables, and the right nutrients may prevent several age-related diseases in seniors. Besides eating healthy foods, older adults should consider getting a thorough checkup to ensure good oral hygiene.

Health checkups should include cancer diagnosis as well as speech, vision, and hearing tests.. Similarly, regular physical activities can make seniors stronger and increase muscle flexibility, which may reduce the risk of falling. At an older age, intimate relationships and emotional support are some of the best things to have when it comes to living a cheerful life.


Source: http://www.homecareassistancearvada.com/health-tips-for-seniors/

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