You see display ads all the time inside almost every web pages you visit. This makes a Google display ad perfect for the promotion of your business. It’s a fun job creating a catchy ad, be it animated or otherwise. But did you know your ads could be rejected they do not meet the guidelines set by Google? You spend so much time creating a good ad and if it is not the right size or format you end up spending more time to resize or even reformat it.

Well, that’s a bummer, right? For starters, knowing the correct size and format for your ad in advance will save you some time for sure.

Okay, then what is the so-called ‘correct size and format’? And don’t worry, the following link is not a boring lecture on Google display ads dimensions and formats. This infographic shows you each and every possible dimension of a display ad, along with the standard guidelines which are acceptable by Google. One glance and you get everything you want to know about the animated, non-animated and HTML5 display ads. Thank us later, start creating your display ad now and give your business the boost it deserves!

Google-Display-Ad-Dimensions-infographic-plaza Google-Display-Ad-Dimensions-infographic-plaza-thumb


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