This infographic shows just how obsessed with TV is the UK. Did you hibernate all the last winter with Breaking Bad as your only companion or would you miss a date for an episode of Coronation Street or ? Whether never miss an episode or you join the conversation on Twitter, here’s what you could have done if you weren’t such a telly addict.

If sitting at home addicted is your version of “reality”, you won’t mind missing out on real life. The X Factor generated 570,000 Twitter mentions. But what you could have done? Rather than catching up with Cowell and Co you could have left the couch and completed 20 marathons.
What did you miss this year LOLing at home on the couch? Orange is the New Black generated 300,000 Twitter mentions, Big Bang Theory – 91,000 Twitter mentions, New Girl – 67,000 Twitter mentions, etc.




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