Many tend to accumulate fat in the abs area. This fat is also one of the hardest to burn off. There are at least seven strategies to reduce belly fat.

The seven strategies are food, cardio, strength training, sleep, stress, smoking & alcohol, and perseverance. Moreover, to really be effective, all these seven strategies have to be done concurrently.

First of all, what you eat has a huge impact on your waistline. Cardio along with other benefits, helps you lose weight. Strength training builds muscles which burn fat. Also, being stressed and insufficient sleep makes it harder to reduce belly fat. As does smoking and drinking alcohol. Moreover, reducing belly fat from anyone who has had it for a long time, take time. Consequently, perseverance is needed to be successful.

The infographic illustrates these seven strategies. While the article describes the seven strategies in detail.

Go with this great infographic and choose the best strategy for you to reduce your belly fat. For example, sleeping less than 6 hours causes you to retain belly fat, produce more glucose, burn fewer calories, burns less fat, and makes you hungrier when you wake up – all causing you to gain weight.


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