Sometimes shoes create a smell that is embarrasing and also lower self-esteem. To avoid such embarrassing situations, this infographic can help you erase such memories by getting rid of shoe odor by using simple tricks.

The main cause of smelly shoes is bacteria formed from sweat that has excessively accumulated in the shoe due to wearing the shoe for long hours without cleaning them. They are various ways of getting rid of shoe odor using simple home reminds or industrially made treatment. Choose your best way to eliminate shoe smell by using this infographic.

As stated in the infographic, you can use toothpaste and Ziploc bag. Put your shoes in resealable bags and place it in a freezer for several hours. Another handy tip to prevent from smelly shoes is to pour some rubbing alcohol in a cotton ball and wipe the insides of your shoes. Check out the full list of tips how to get rid of shoe odor.



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