Although they are naturally occurring, disasters are just that: disasters. In the following infographic, the most common natural disasters are identified and listed. Besides, the infographic provides vital tips how you can prepare to face other emergencies as well.

The deadliest tornado was reported in 1925 in several states – Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana, as well as Tennessee and Kentucky. Unfortunately, the fatalities were more than 700.

When it comes to blizzards, the Great Blizzard of 1888 caused 400 fatalities. For that reason, this is considered the deadliest blizzard.

As for the deadliest earthquake, the one occurred in 1906 in San Francisco. The 7.8 earthquake struck at 5:12 am and it was followed by a tsunami.

Having in mind all the mentioned disasters in the past, the infographic describes how to respond to natural disasters these days. You can read how to react adequately in case of earthquakes, blizzard, tornado and hurricane. Take a careful look at this useful infographic because one day it may save your life!



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